Turtle Ridge Farm

Salem, WV, United States
5 East Main Street Salem West Virginia 26426 US

We breed pedigreed Anatolian Shepherd Dogs to work on our farm as guardians to our Huacaya Alpacas and chickens. Our Anatolian Shepherds protect our livestock from bears, coyotes, bobcats, fox, raccoons, and opossums.

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46251 Old Hopedale Rd, Cadiz, OH, United States 74.17 mi

We live in the beautiful hills of East Cadiz, We have about nineteen acres. We have four Children and nine Grandchildren, They are Gods greatest gifts to me!

My husband is a Hoof Trimmer for Cattle so that leaves me with a lot of time on my hands when I’m at home. I am a born caregiver so with no children to take care of I had to take care of something else. We have a huge garden and do lots of canning with lots of produce to sell but we usually give it all away, About three years ago we started out with four Nubian does that we got from a friend of ours that has Registered Nubian show goats. They are the sweetest and I think one of the smartest animals that God created. I fell instantly in love with them and was sure they loved me to but I think it was the feed they loved the most, I was just the one that fed them. I love sitting with them in the field with them laying beside me when the weather is just right with a nice breeze. It was wonderful after having cows and horses that if something got out you did not have to chase it over the whole County to get it back in. All I do is walk outside and they all come running to me and we walk right back in the barn.

They are really nice also and I find I tend to spoil everything, I keep plenty of peanuts and animal crackers in the barn, I was really surprised that they like puppy bones, It’s a lot of fun and the adventure continues.

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Anatolian Shepherds are great overall dogs. They have a good temperament and are very good with both goats and people.

We have 6 male and 1 female puppies available for sale. Our Anatolian Shepherds are field dogs that live with and interact daily with our goat herd. Additional details can be found at http://www.wildewoodsranch.com. Feel free to contact with questions and to check availability of remaining puppies.

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