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We are fortunate to have recently obtained some hard-to-get, new bloodlines from Turkey. These crop-eared beautiful, young Turkish Import Anatolians are from authentic working dog parents in Turkey and are not related to, nor were they bred at the large new professional Turkish kennel operations that have come about in recent decades. Their ears were cropped in Turkey in anticipation of the fact that exportation might not have been possible, as in that case, their traditional Turkish owners would have cropped them later and as young adults, they would be outfitted for wolf territory–wearing spiked collars like their adult relatives.

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My husband and I are quite fond of large dogs and wanted a breed that would be easy to care for and train. We also wanted to choose a breed that did not have a strong prey-drive. Prey-drives include the instinctive drives that enable most herding and gun dog breeds (most of the breeds in the United States) to excel in the tasks for which they were originally developed. Prey drives are actually stalking and predatory instincts that can usually be shaped for chasing, retrieving and doing other such things on command. Unfortunately, predatory behavior around livestock is generally undesireable. Even a herding dog must allow its predatory chase instincts to be controlled. It makes little sense to keep a predatory animal when there are choices among breeds that can be safely kept with livestock without chasing and killing these other animals.

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Five Generations of Working Anatolians

Correct type and temperament
On the ranch and in the ring

Napa, California, United States 47.17 mi

Correct type and temperament! On the ranch and in the ring

Napa Valley, Napa County, CA, United States 49.81 mi

Haven Ranch is a 20-acre family-owned ranch located in the beautiful hills 30 minutes east of the world-famous wine region of Napa Valley, California.

Napa Valley, Napa County, CA, United States 49.81 mi

While our dogs are family members first, we highly value their working ability.  They work 24/7, guarding our home, family & livestock.  We only make the occasional show ring appearance to exhibit our breeding stock.

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We are dedicated to preserving the working ability

Bodega, California 94922, United States 81.69 mi

At Salmon Creek Ranch, we got the dogs for the livestock – not the livestock for the dogs

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Our isolated ranch is surrounded by coyote, bobcat, raccoon, badger, fox and mountain lion. We needed a versatile, athletic and adaptable predator control system to protect birds to goats to us. We found the solution in the Anatolian Shepherd, an ancient breed from Turkey. These magnificent creatures have lived with their flocks under the most rigorous of conditions for thousands of years and are one of the oldest and most natural methods of predator control around. We also believe it possible, with selective breeding and rigorous selection, to produce dogs that are healthy, sound, well-tempered and adhere to the Standard of the Breed: Anatolians who look like Anatolians and can do the job they were bred to do.

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