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Having grown up with dogs, Laura Edstrom-Smith purchased her first Anatolian Shepherd, named Early Warning in 1990.  The Anatolian Shepherd’s unique abilities as a livestock guardian whose strong maternal instincts make it an excellent companion dog are the characteristics which drew her attention to the breed.  Early Warning soon became the love of Laura’s life.  Her life-changing journey with the Anatolian Shepherd Dog had begun.  Laura joined the national parent club, the Anatolian Shepherd Dog Club of America (ASDCA) in 1990.  Over the years, Laura has owned several male and female Anatolian Shepherds.

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Lakeland, FL 33810, United States 42.54 mi

Our Anatolian Shepherd livestock guardian dogs are working dogs and they protect their goats. They are born in the goat pen and trained by experienced adult LGDs.

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Bushnell, FL, United States 78.1 mi

We are committed to excellence in breeding magnificent Anatolian Shepherds.

Since 1995

Bushnell, FL 33513, United States 78.1 mi

Anatolian Shepherd Dogs are regarded as flock guardians of the mountain molossian-type by the FCI. Large, rugged and impressive, they possess great endurance and agility. These dogs are tall and powerful, yet not massive in build. This magnificent ancient working dog presents an impression of functional utility without exaggerated features. Large size is important, but correct breed type, soundness of movement, overall balance with correct temperament should be given precedence so as to preserve working ability.

Bushnell, FL, United States 78.1 mi

We are committed to excellence in breeding magnificent Anatolian Shepherds Since 1995.

Mims, FL 32754, United States 80.31 mi

Breeding for Quality – NOT Quantity!! Home bred for soundness of structure and stable temperaments!!


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