Anatolian Shepherd Puppies For Sale in Virginia

Check out these Anatolian Shepherd breeders located in Virginia. If you are looking to buy an Anatolian Shepherd Puppy in VA then look no further!

2310 Pony Farm Road, Maidens, VA, United States

Our Anatolians have been chosen for their temperament, health, structure and working ability. Anatolians are loyal, brave and very intelligent. They are our companions and guardians. Anatolians make wonderful family members and devoted pets provided they are raised and socialized properly.

If you are looking for a new breed or have done your research and want an Anatolian – we would be delighted to talk with you. Our goal is to make sure people succeed with their puppies and dogs, whether purchased for a pet, show prospect or livestock guardian. With Skyview Anatolians, you will get the help, advice and training support you need. Anatolians, like other guardian breeds, are different from your common dog breeds such as Labradors, Goldens and German Shepherds. Once you own an Anatolian, the other breeds just won’t do.

2620 Shadewood Lane, Charles City, VA, United States

We are located in Charles City, between Richmond and Williamsburg, Virginia. We raise Anatolian Shepherds, Border Collies, Dorper Sheep and a few Muscovy Ducks. Feel free to browse our pages and learn more about our menagerie. Occasionally, we will have a Border Collie puppies for sale to approved homes.

We are very passionate about Anatolian Shepherds and Border Collies. We care a great deal for these breeds, so we often work with individuals and groups to help re-home herding and working type breeds into wonderful homes.

352 Owl Dr, Gate City, VA, United States

Our small family farm is located in beautiful Southwest Virginia. With our Lord’s help, we are focusing on developing a self-sustaining polyculture. We raise sheep, goats, chickens, and rabbits, as well as their guardians, Anatolian Shepherds and English Shepherds.

In the near future we are hoping to begin keeping bees and various types of fowl. (Hope we don’t “fowl” up!)

Rocky Mount, VA, United States

We have always had an issue with stray dogs and coyotes being abundant in our area, but as the size and quality of our Nubian Dairy Goat herd grew, we knew that we had to provide them with some protection and give ourselves some peace of mind. After much research we chose to purchase our very first Anatolian Shepherd to be a Livestock Guardian Dog also known as a LGD. The Anatolian Shepherd is an old breed that originated in Central Turkey. They are large in size weighing between 90 – 150 lbs and they stand 28″ plus at the withers. They are strong, intelligent and independent being bred with great protection instincts. Anatolians are a working dog without equal, they display a calm and loving side around the animals that they protect, as well as, the family and children they are accustomed to. When the time arises to be on alert, they don’t back down and are forceful when needed. This breed is well known for its independent thinking and they always seem to know the proper action for the any situation.


Puppies! Planning a spring/summer 2016 litter. More information in the coming months. If you think an Anatolian is the right dog for your family and farm, please contact [email protected] to discuss.

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Charlottesville, VA, United States

Birinci Anatolians is comprised of a family of dog lovers. Louise Emanuel was introduced to the breed, while living in Turkey working for USAID. It was there that she fell in love with Turkish custom amd culture. When returning to the States she mentioned the Turkish dogs many times. Eventually, she obtained Angie (BA Angora). Angie later raised two litters and two children, including myself (Catherine (Katie) Emanuel). Louise used the dogs extensively for their working capabilities in the pasture with the foals. While running one of the most successful three-day stables in MD, her foals were able to be born outside and move with ease. Louise joined the Anatolian Shepherd Dog Club of America (ASDCA) in 1983 and served on the BOD for several years. After the death of her husband (Senator Meyer M. Emanuel Jr.) in 1987, she moved her farm and her family for a new start in the Blue Ridge Mountains. She has worked in graphic design and is an accomplished entreprenuer. She has been an owner/operater of a local boarding and grooming kennel in Charlottesville, VA since 1992.

Gate City, VA, United States

Our small family farm is located in beautiful Southwest Virginia.  With our Lord’s help, we are focusing on developing a self-sustaining polyculture.  We raise sheep, goats, chickens, and rabbits, as well as their guardians, Anatolian Shepherds and English Shepherds.


Cedar Rise Farm is a working organic farm. We sell seasonal shares in our harvest. Cedar Rise Farm also raises champion Anatolian Shepherds in Virginia.

Charlottesville, VA, United States

If you are interested in seeing cute puppy pictures that sell you a dog, this is not the site for you.  We gladly share puppy pictures with individuals that contact us, but we do not use their cuteness to sell dogs. We do not post cute puppy pictures because when you bring an Anatolian into your life it will be an adult one day and that is the dog you need to live with long-term.  Showing cute pictures to sell puppies is an unfair representation of the dog they will become and a sales tactic that we do not use.

2620 Shadewood Lane, Charles City, VA 23030, United States

Shadewood Farm is owned and operated by Harriet & Kevin Pittman. Both Harriet and Kevin grew up working in family businesses. Their son, Will, help raise Border Collies, Anatolian Shepherds, Dorper sheep and Muscovy ducks on their small family farm. Harriet has enjoyed working with dogs all of her life.

Rocky Mount, Virginia, United States

Briar Mtn Farm is located in beautiful Rocky Mount, VA. We started raising Purebred Nubian Dairy Goats in 2008. Our family strives to raise Nubians that milk well, have good conformation, and have the ability to compete in the show ring. We protect our herd with 4 AKC Anatolian Shepherds and have puppies available at least once a year. Most Saturdays you will find us at the Franklin County Farmers Market located in downtown Rocky Mount, VA selling our All Natural Goat’s Milk Soaps and Lotions. We also make bath fizzies and lip balm as well and try to have an ever changing array of wonderful hand crafted natural products for you to enjoy.


We breed pedigreed Anatolian Shepherd Dogs to work on our farm as guardians to our Huacaya Alpacas and chickens. Our Anatolian Shepherds protect our livestock from bears, coyotes, bobcats, fox, raccoons, and opossums.

Rocky Mount, Virginia, United States

Welcome to Briar Mountain Farm. Our farm was built in the late 1800’s and is located in Rocky Mount, VA. We are a small family farm that raises a beautiful herd of Purebred Nubian Dairy Goats, AKC Anatolian Shepherds, and we offer a full line of Handcrafted products that provide you with All Natural Skin Care made from our very own goat’s milk.

Danville, VA, USA

Anatolian Shepherd puppies from working parents. Mother is AKC registered, father is CKC registered. Puppies will be CKC registered.

Virginia, USA
  • Our farm just had a litter of pure Anatolians born October 21. They will be ready to go right before Christmas. These puppies are currently being raised as Livestock guardian dogs.

    Parents are on premise

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