Anatolian Shepherd Puppies For Sale in New York

Check out these quality Anatolian Shepherd breeders in the state of New York. You can find several litters of Anatolian Shepherd puppies for sale in NY here. Good luck finding your perfect pup!

Delaware County, New York, United States

We breed & show working Anatolian Shepherd Dogs in Upstate NY. All Breeding dogs are health tested & have passed those tests – according to USA tested

Walton, NY, United States

We will have Anatolian Shepherd Dog puppies for sale as livestock guardians (LGD), show prospects and companions, in 2015. Please see the above “Upcoming Litters” link.

We are members of the Anatolian Shepherd Dog Club of America (ASDCA) and are ASDCA Code of Ethics Breeders. We honor the commitment we made when we signed the Code or Ethics and will not breed a dog that has failed health testing! We are located in Delaware County, New York, outside of the Village of Walton. Our Anatolian Shepherds are outside in open fenced areas on 15+ acres most of the time. They guard us, our property, my daughter’s Tibetan Spaniel, and our chickens with vigor and against all comers. We have never lost a chicken to predators.

We do show our dogs in AKC shows, but we do not “live” to show. We only breed when we would like to retain a puppy from a particular litter for ourselves and if we are also able to potentially keep every puppy we produce rather than see it go to an inappropriate home. We are very particular about who we consider to be potential owners of our puppies and screen carefully. The very first requirement we have is a large, securely fenced area that the puppy/dog will have access to. This is a must due to the fact Anatolian Shepherds will expand territory. A securely fenced area keeps the puppy/dog safe and your neighbors happy. Also, an Anatolian Shepherd is not a breed that can receive adequate exercise on the end of a leash. We have other requirements but it begins with a large securely fenced area.

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