About Us

Our Mission is to preserve the working Anatolian guardian dog for the good of the breed and, consequently, for the good of current owners and all those owners that come after us.

In the whole scope of things, this is not only a noble cause, but it is important because it directly affects our everyday lives. Anatolians provide a vital contribution to many owners as serious working dogs. Some members could not continue in their livelihoods without their healthy, sound, working Anatolians. Others of us consider our Anatolian a full, important, loved member of our immediate family. That our Anatolian is healthy, of good sound mind, totally socialized, and lives a long life is important because it consequently makes our lives more enjoyable and meaningful.

Our Goal is to gain the involvement of every Anatolian owner that we know of and of every person who is interested in Anatolians and may become an owner in the future.

Please contact us with any questions about our website.